So, what is gaming here at Dragon Kingdoms? Have you ever played a wargame - even just lining up your toy soldiers and throwing a marble at them? Well, that was simple but some wargame rules are so convoluted that it is difficult to keep track of what is going on and this hurts the game play. I am trying to keep the rules simple here. First, will be a more detailed rule book then there will be a simple rulebook. I use the more detailed one for large battles and the simple one for skirmishes. I also like to use Lego minifigs to do battle and the simple rules are perfect for them. Second, I have many, - far too many as some family members tell me - plastic soldiers, such as Airfix, HaT, Caesar, etc all at 1/72 scale. I also have many Games Workshop bigger scale miniatures and more - lots more! I want to play, for example, Ancient Romans versus WWI pilots. With the Dragon Kingdoms I can do that. I can do what I want. Without further blather on this page you will find Battle Reports, Rules, Painting Guides, anything to do with wargaming. Keep coming back as this page will be updated regularly. In the meantime if you have something to add to the page then please click this logo.   Thank you!


This is the minifig rulebook.