I will write these stories in Word document and save them as pdf. If you would like to write some stories then please send me the word document and pdf so I can make it the same style. Of course, you will be named as the writer. The more the merrier. Send your ideas by clicking on this logo . Thank you!


Story 1 - Drake Lure     

Read the (very) short story on the right and see if you can answer these questions:

1. How old was Drake when he became a vampire?

2. What was the quip people used to make about Drake?






Story 2 - RazorTusk     

Read the (very) short story about RazorTusk - our very own intrepid Hygiene Orc - then see if you can answer these questions:

1. What was RazorTusk's usual breakfast?

2. What aspiration did RazorTusk have?




Story 3

Your story can go here!

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