Model Building will be found on this page. If you would like to showcase your models then please get in touch by clicking on the logo here.   Our First article is from Pat's Models. Thank you!
Models 1 - World War 1 Tanks

This is from a site called Pat's Models. The link is in the article. Please enjoy and sign up for his newsletter. He has some great ideas. I will use some model WWI tanks in the Dragon Kingdoms as they will be the last people taken through the portals. I will leave modern warfare for other sites. World War 1 is as far as I want to go.

Models 2 - Japanese Fortress

This is my work in progress at the moment. Read the article (when I finish painting it) for the finished pictures of how I went from picture A to picture B. Find out how it will be used in the Dragon Kingdoms. World War 1 tanks versus Ancient Japanese Ninjas. Sounds like a bit of fun!