These are the dragons that rule the Draco Constellation. They are of different colours to differentiate their abilities, such as fire-breathing, ice-breathing, etc. Each of them have control over one system but there is massive in-fighting between the dragons to take control over more and ultimately to displace Aerie - the oldest dragon. No one knows where the dragons come from but they are definitely a precursor of Earth's dinosaurs. Goodness knows were that may lead to in future stories. In the system of Grumium one of the last Earth groups to be transported through the portals was a group of archaeologists who are searching for something. You can go over to the Stories page and find out what Professor Maximus Smyth-Barton and his team are doing.

As a reminder here is the constellation map again so you should be able to get your bearings.



Aerie is the mother of the dragons of DRACO, where there are 27 inhabited planets. She is the oldest dragon of all the dragons at around 30,000 Earth years of age. She can portal between these planets at a moment's notice, which keeps the inhabitants on their toes. She is not noted for fierceness but with her mature age she is revered by the other dragons, and they mostly listen to her. She is more like a benevolent matriarch.  

On the 27 planets she controls, all are ruled by the old Atlanteans from Earth. Due to a lock of productive sperm they ''import' other people to ensure the Atlantean race does not die out.  

The cities and towns are mostly small sized and most of the planets are more like desert areas with some cave-like planets. Water is a scarcity on most of the planets and is a source of contention between the various Atlantean tribes.

A gladiatorial type of system has arisen with many 'tourneys' taking place culminating in an Olympic style grand tournament every five years. All the world's send their best gladiators and athletes to compete in these games. Some are benign such as the marathon. Whilst other events are to the death. The winners become free citizens and are feted for their gene pool to add to the pot of Atlantean hierarchy. 

Aerie is invited to open and close the ceremony and to, occasionally, burn some malcontents she feels are not pulling their weight for the greater good of Draco. 

Her colour - and the colour of the Draco armies and diplomats - is BLUE! 

As the oldest, and perhaps, canniest dragon - watch out for her shenanigans in future stories.




Draconis is another dragon that is very old, but he is a quiet dragon. Many of the other dragons seem to forget he is around sometimes - but he knows things that they have yet to learn. Aerie treats him like a servant but secretly values his advice. Other older dragons recognize his true worth and accord him respect, whereas the younger dragons snub him every chance they can. Much to their regret later when they realize they should have heeded his words.

TYL is one of the medium sized systems but only has three habitable planets in the whole system. They are similar to Earth and have many oceans, mountains, forests. However, one planet has acidic rain and brutal storms, so this remains largely uninhabited except for the Mole People. No one knows what part of Earth's history these people came from - suffice it to say they are mostly nocturnal, strong, and look after a most precious metal - gold.

The people from Earth that were transported to the other two planets are from Ancient Roman times, so there is a smattering of every tribe - from Gaul, Germania, Britannia, and Hispania, etc who were brought here. Surprisingly, only a few Egyptians who were located to another system.

Draconis is a benevolent ruler and only berates his people if they become too unruly.

Again, gladiator type contests are the norm and there has been rumour that the next games will incorporate some visitors from the Draco System. Wait and see what occurs in future stories.

Watch out for Draconis, the Mole People, and the Romans in future tales.

His colour is RED.


Inferno is the ruler of AL ANHAKEN. This is the system that all the legendary creatures of Earth were transported to Draco. There is only one habitable planet named Monstronia. Most of the creatures live on the mainland but the werewolves live on a water laden island named the Isle of the Wolf Lords.

Inferno is one of the fiercest dragons. She comes from the Colour RED, like her cousin Draconis. However, she has a slash of WHITE running through her back. This is depicted in her armies in that they wear red with a white sash from right shoulder to left waist.

The planet Monstronia is a huge planet with many continents, islands, and of various types of constitution such as acidic, primordial ooze, flying lands. The different creatures of Earth live in differing locations but ultimately need to meet as they need food.

Drake Lure is the unofficial leader of world as the vampires are the alpha predators - although the lycans on The Isle of the Wolf Lords would disagree.

This is a great opportunity to make models, paint different creatures that you would not normally paint - such as angels. I am thinking more like the Silent Angels from Dr. Who, though! Imagine you can have a vast Lycan vs. Vampire Horde War or Unicorns versus dwarves. Excellent imagination possibilities are in abundance.

Inferno is the ruler of this mess - just as she likes it. She is also very fierce, and the inhabitants are mostly scared of her. So, there are many temples to appease her in which regular supplies of offerings are sacrificed. Hence people need to use the portals to go to other worlds for these sacrifices. 



Lonely Vigil is the ruling dragon of ARRAKIS. His colour is SILVER tinged with a little BLUE. He is a water dragon, which means that instead of belching fire he can squirt water at jet speed. This means that many of the worlds in the Arrakis system are water worlds. There are three worlds inhabited in Arrakis - mostly the Napoleanic era. So, a smattering of French, British, Polish, Austrian, Spanish, etc.

The soldiers will wear their usual uniforms that they wore at the time of the Napoleanic Wars on Earth but with a silver and blue sash when fighting other peoples.

As the factions should be working together there are many duels. Every two years the armies 'elect' a new leading faction - so, French, then British, and so on in some order.

Lonely Vigil is so named as he is a loner, rather than a joiner. He lives in a mountainous are surrounded by water. He has taken some of the water nymphs from Al Anhaken to be his servants. But do not tell Inferno or there will be trouble. He is also the trainer of younger water dragons for all the systems so is treated with some respect by the other dragons and is usually referred to as Master Trainer. 


THUBAN is ruled by Maelstrom the Grey. He is one of the younger sensing dragons. He breaths fire as well but not as fiercely as Inferno. His colour is grey, hence the title.

Many moons ago he opened his portal to the Viking World. Therefore the people that inhabit the only habitable world in the Thuban system named Norseland. Here we will find not only Vikings, but also Danes, Icelanders, British, French, Huns, Rus, early Ottomans, Moors and all the other tribes of that five hundred Western European era.

Maelstrom is one of the few dragons that can sense. Whereas most of the dragons can communicate to their people through Perll technology (see the Story of the Perll), the sensing dragons can communicate with receptive humans directly from though to thought. A rare breed indeed - both for dragons and for humans.

Perlls are for technology and Mythrillians are for sensing. That is the difference between those two peoples.

Maelstrom's colour is grey an luckily the clothing of most of the inhabitants is GREY-ish so they really need to get into uniform for when they do battle.


Midnight Dawn is rather a mystical type of dragon. He is a fire breather but can sense a little - not as good as Maelstrom. He is the ruler of the RASTABAN system. His colour is GREEN so all of the soldiers in his army wear the colour green.

He took his people from the Asian part of the world from around 1000BCE until 1900CE - so you can have Boxers fighting early Tang dynasty Chinese. Alternatively Mongols are fighting Ninjas.

Midnight Dawn is happy to be with his people and lives in a temple in the main city of Hyoshi in the continent of Qin, on the world of Genghis. There is only one habitable world in the Rastaban system but it around five times the size of Earth. There is a mysterious southern continent inhabited by a small race of sailors that were portalled from the massive navy of Zheng He. For some reason Midnight Dawn banished them to the south. That is a story that you will be able to read about later. This will also lead to some great naval battles as well.

As Midnight Dawn has a little sensing ability he is able to 'educated' guess what his people think and he can communicate directly with other sensing dragons such as Maelstrom the Grey.


Nemesis is dragon of the colour PURPLE. Accordingly his people and armies are usually painted in people colours.

The planetary system that he controls is the KUMA system. This has only one inhabited planet that is very similar to our Europe - with different countries, islands, calm seas, and notorious wild seas.

He is another fire breathing dragon but with the added benefit that acid streaks of flame can also be used. Albeit, not both at once. Therefore the fire breathing would be effective on the wooden ships of his people, whereas the acid may be more affective against the tanks of WW1.

The portalled people that are under his control are from around 1300-1700 CE and are the likes of Pirates of the Main, Cromwellian Armies, Wars of the Roses, 7 years War and that ilk.

As there is a lot of water on the planet Kuma 9 (referred to simply as Kuma - so Kuma of KUMA, if you like), there will be many water battles.


Obsidian rules with an iron fist. She is renowned as the strictest trainer of young dragons - and also her people.

Most of her people live on one of two of the inhabited planets of GRUMIUM, which is similar to Earth. Similar in land formation, that is. It is 5/6ths the size of Earth but has double the amount of water. The gravity is also at 1.2 times that of Earths so, over time, the people are a little more hardy than normal Earth people. That means when they do battle other peoples they can get an automatic extra 1 point save on Hits. More about that in the wargaming section.

The people that she controls live on Euro - the main planet, and Asia - the secondary planet. The people on Euro are mainly of 19th century wars - such as the Crimea. Whereas, the people on Asia are from the Himalayan region of 19th century Earth and are quite mystical. The gravity on Asia is less than Earth so these people tend to be tall - and besides that they are quite mystical.

Obsidian likes the colours BLUE and GREEN as she is a mixed coloured dragon. That means you can have a range of colours for her people.


Quicksilver is a sliver dragon tinged with a REDDISH colour. When you are painting you can just add one drop of red into 9 parts silver to get his colour. He is a fire breather as well so a little more red around his mouth areas for when you find a suitable dragon. See the modelling section for a selection of dragons.

He lives in the small system of EDASICH. Although Edasich is one of the brightest stars it is also one of the oldest so it shines brightly in its advanced age. There is only one very tiny (our Moon size) planet with lots of forests and lakes.

The population is small but dynamic as they primarily live in the trees. They are descendants of the late Dark ages in Britain so we can have later Vikings, early Knights, Robin Hood style of characters in this system. I envisage a chivalric aspect to this system with belief in Nordic Gods through to Christianity. With courtly Kings and Queens and possibly a Search aspect - such as the Holy Grail.

Have fun with this system!


Solaris is the nerd of the dragons in that she understands technology more than the other dragons. She has almost figured out how the portals work, and why, but she is not quite there hey left the portals in many constellations. Periodically, these portals open to new worlds, such as between Draco and Earth for a few thousand years.

The Perll left behind their version of AI - in the Orks. (Note the K here). The Orcs (c) in the Al Anhaken system were the old orcs from Earth. The orks from PERLL are machine based - but they are running out of power and Solaris is running out of time.

Solaris is ORANGE in colour and so are her minions - so mechanised orks will do just fine here.  Imagine the orks from Games Workshop but with higher level technology. GW's orks will be the DragonKingdoms orcs from Al Anhaken. I always thought that orks should be better than they are so here is a chance.

Also, the Perll left some tactical mechanised soldiers. Of course their weapon ability is going to be massive compared to the other races in Draco. To make it more even I will limit these mechanised soldiers to only 100. So, over running them with a million Chinese soldiers may be easy - but at what cost?


Stormchaser is a fire breathing dragon that controls the system of ETAMIN. She is a BLACK & WHITE dragon, kind of like a Dalmatian - so that will showcase some interesting paint jobs.

The people she controls range from late Victorians to World War 1 fighter pilots and tanks. That is far as we will go with our universe - time wise. There are too many systems about WWII and I do not like to game that far. We will use the mechanised Orks and soldiers from Perll for any futuristic fighting.

Etamin is one of the furthest systems, located at the bottom of the Draco constellation. It has one inhabitable planet that is ten times larger than our Earth. It has a dense atmosphere that covers the sky. Stormchaser uses this polluted air to add to her fire breath. This adds an acidic aspect to the fire that can almost melt metal. This aspect of her breathing means that her, and her minions, and her lower level dragons are one of the systems and peoples that the Perll mechanised soldiers are wary of fighting.

The Black & White colouring of the soldiers uniform easily camouflages them in their atmosphere but when they are portalled to other worlds they are less able to breath the good air. This breathing problem makes them vulnerable and their movement is impaired by -1 to their normal movement. Obversely, when other troops come to Etamin they get a -1 on movement as they find it difficult to breath the polluted air. This movement depreciation also affects Stormchaser and her lesser dragons.


Tempest is an oldish water breathing dragon that rules GIANFAR. She rules four inhabited planets, which are all smaller than our moon. They all have differing terrain - Gale has mountainous region. Breeze has desert terrain. Sirocco has a gentle plain terrain, and Zephyr has a moderate climate with many seas and islands.

She is YELLOW in colour and her people are from Africa, so lots of Boer War, Zulu fighting with exotic creatures thrown in the blend too.

Water breathing dragons hold around a fire-fighting truck worth of water. Imagine those helicopters that drop water on forest fires. Tempest has perfected her squirting to a forceful pressure that can blow a tank over. She is perfect at fighting in castles scenarios as she can use the moats for water. As her people are from Africa she uses mud holes, riverbanks as her resource.

The colour yellow that her soldiers are wearing can be the colour of a lion through a bright yellow, dependant on the force that is fighting.

If you like Zulu the movie then this would be army for you to collect as you can recreate There are many troops portalled through to Gianfar so mass battles against other armies are a good way to use your 6mm armies. Alternatively, you can just use skirmish size fighting.


Coppervein is a BROWN dragon and is in charge of the planet of MYTHRIL. He can sense other dragons and, more importantly, the people of his world - who are the elder mystics of planet Earth. These include druids, elders from Aboriginal tribes, Maoris elders, Tribal elders from native American tribes, Inuit leaders, etc.

Mythril has only inhabitable planet but has a small moon which can sustain life as well.

The different mystics tend  to live in small homogenous tribes in which they practise their own beliefs.

Coppervein has the ability to communicate with them via some form of telepathy.

This is a great strategy for when they mystics have to fight other races. The mystics can espy the enemy from the viewpoint of Coppervein - giving them an aerial view of the landscape. As the people are so few in number they pull in other believers from other worlds to be their fighters and servants. They usually keep to the colour of brown for their tunics, etc.


? Little is known about Nox or her system. As yet, it is unnamed. She is very much a loner.

The colour for this dragon is BLACK & PURPLE. As she is a loner the people she likes to portal through are usually loners, such as gunfighters from the Wild West of America, Knights of old on solitary quests. Ninjas and assassins that work alone.

The system of ? will come into its own much later in the stories as the quests and journeys of these protagonists will become more important to the Draco constellation.

Think of Clint Eastwood, or the Green Knight going on  quest.

Think about Indiana Jones going on a tome raiding mission. This is the kind of antics that we will get up to on the system of ?

Nox will become more important as she rises through the ranks of dragonhood.

I am thinking of making the dragonhood into kind of a secret society with some dragons doing good and others doing bad. In their own way they will try to make the Draco constellation into a good place to be - at least for them.

Nodus 1 & 2

NODUS 1 is GREY with a WHITE tinge, whereas NODUS 2 is WHITE tinged with GREY. as you can also see Nodus 1 is named after his system of Nodus 1 and Nodus 2 is named after her system of Nodus 2. They are twins - so rare in dragonhood lore that their names were not prepared, hence the naming after their systems.

They are extremely empathic with other and the two systems are intermingled with the peoples from Ancient Egypt and the Sea Peoples and the peoples that they fought against.

Great temples - similar to pyramids are built in their honour, with lesser dragons being used as manual labour to help the people.

I think that the building of a pyramid in this fashion will make a great diorama for future.

The colours are similar so when painting the different tribes some care will need to be taken as they still have battles between themselves.

They are not particularly bad dragons but they do insist on their temples. They are fire breathers but not sensors - even though they can empath with each other directly.

Flameblade Monarch Seablade
Malice Skullblade Nightshade
Belial Nightfall Battle
Disciple Thunderstruck Soultooth
The section above were all the major dragons. The section below are the lower level dragons. There will be others and cousins of dragons, such as Wyrms. Come back for more.
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