Welcome to the Tales of the Dragon Kingdoms. Here you will learn about the Draco Constellation and how dragons are still alive. Along with Stories, background about dragons and the multitudinous systems in the Draco Constellation. We will also share some model building techniques and wargaming ideas and rules as well.

Come along for the journey and enjoy the Tales of the Dragon Kingdoms.


In the Beginning...in the constellation we know as Draco, a portal opened. A portal between the stars. A portal to our solar system. A portal to our world. But this portal was only the first. Due to the vagaries of time and space numerous portals appeared at different time periods; and in different areas of the Earth's history.


These portals sometimes left us with dragons, but mostly these portals took people and animals from our world back to Draco. All the different portals placed the different people onto different worlds in Draco. However, as these portals steadily vanished from Earth they remained open between the different systems in Draco. This is were the story really begins.

Take a look at the constellation of Draco here. The main systems are named and you can always click on the logo below to find out more. 



The Portals...are where there are inter-dimensional doorways between the stars. Think of them as a black hole with an entrance from Draco into our Solar System. They may be more recognizable as the magical wardrobe in the Narnia books - taking us into other realms, both historical and fictional.


As you can see the portals are vast. They can transport people, animals, and all forms of vehicles in a matter of moments to any of the systems in Draco.

Hopefully that will give you a glimpse into what the Dragon Kingdoms will grow into. We can have WWI tanks fighting against Medieval Knights or as many alternatives as there are miniatures. Every time you see this logo it will take you to another Tale of the Dragon Kingdoms.



... This is where we add the models that are used in the wargaming. We try to correlate the stories to certain periods in Earth's history to bring along to the Draco Constellation via the Portals. However, we can use supreme amounts of artistic license here, for example, I want the Boxer Rebellion Chinese but I want a Japanese Temple and not a Chinese one, so we can inculcate them together. We can have World War 1 tri-planes fighting against the Roman Army and so use Siege machines to attack an airfield. This is the logo for the modelling section of the site.

 ...This is the part of the project that we built the site for - wargaming. We have amassed a multitude of miniature figure - mostly plastic. A lot from Games Workshop but even more from 1/72 scale. So, we had a thought! How can we fight Ancient Britons against Napoleonic armies? It doesn't make sense on Earth - but pluck them away from Earth and voila! The initial idea cam from the William R. Forstchen books about the Lost Regiment. A great series if you have not tried it. So click on the link for wargaming and you will be taken to that section.


 ... well, this is the title of the site. We love dragons, but we also love wargaming, building models, and making up stories. But, how could we join them all together? Well - these wee timorous beasties are the way to join all are loves together in one place. Look out for this logo and see what we have in store.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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